culinary tour FAQS
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Class Menus

Every cooking tour includes:

• Round transportation from your Hotel
• Continental Breakfast
• Mexican Coffee
• Hot chocolate
• Natural fruit drinks
• Coffee
• All ingredients and class
• Gourmet feast
• Welcome Pack (Mexico Lindo Cooking Apron, recipe booklet & souvenir pen).

*Non cooking participants ($95 USD per person + Tax = $110 USD This price does not include transportation) can enjoy Continental Breakfast & Gourmet meal, relax and read a book in our hammocks… and maybe get a Mayan massage in our cabin (Prior reservation only). The tour starts from 9:30 to 16:00 hrs

Appreciate the different menus and cook your favorite or favorites:

Mexico´s Best Selection Class ($168 USD Per person + Tax = $195 USD)

Travel through the whole country with our delicious food, famous around the world.
This class covers the next World famous Mexican tastes:

1. Ensalada de nopalitos (Cactus salad)
2. Carnitas estilo Michoacán (Michoacan style pork confit) & Tacos Placeros
3. Chiles rellenos (Stuffed poblano peppers)
4. Enfrijoladas con pollo (Black bean sauce enchiladas)
5. Arroz a la Mexicana (Mexican style Rice)
6. Sopes (Traditional sopes)
7. Tamales dulces (Sweet tamales)

From the Coast Class ($168 USD Per person + Tax = $195 USD)

Mexico has 6,910 miles of coasts, our gastronomy is full of delicious seafood,
try the best dishes around the Country:

1. Caldo de camarón (Shrimp broth)
2. Ceviche de mariscos (Seafood ceviche)
3. Frijoles a la veracruzana (Veracruz-style beans)
4. Arroz verde a la veracruzana (Green rice)
5. Filete de pescado a la veracruzana (Red snaper Veracruz-style)
6. Pescadillas (Fish quesadillas)
7. Chiles rellenos (Stuffed poblano peppers)
8. Flan de coco (Coconut flan)

Christmas & Posadas Class / New Year´s Dinner (Special Holliday Class)
($168 USD Per person + Tax = $195 USD)

Enjoy with us our typical celebrations.
Celebrate and enjoy Fiesta like only Mexicans can do.
In Mexico´s traditions there are “Posadas” before Christmas, with traditional “Ponche” and Piñatas. Cook and eat our traditional “Noche Buena Dinner”, “Recalentado” (Reheat Lunch) and
New Year’s Eve dinner:

1. Bacalao a la Vizcaína (Vizcaine style Cod Fish)
2. Ravioles en salsa rosa (Pink sauce ravioli)
3. Pierna de cerdo adobada (Pork with adobo)
4. Romeritos (Romeritos with mole)
5. Ensalada de manzana (Apple salad)
6. Ponche de frutas (Fruit punch)
7. Dessert

*Available only during Christmas season.

Central Mexico Class ($168 USD Per person + Tax = $195 USD)

In Mexico every region has different uses of ingredients, explore some of the best dishes we can offer:

1. Tamales en salsa roja/rajas (Red sauce tamales)
2. Quesadillas (Quesadillas)
3. Tinga (Tomato pulled chicken)
4. Mixiote (Lamb papillote in red sauce)
5. Frijoles charros (Charro beans)
6. Arroz blanco c/ rajas y elote (White Rice)
7. Churros con cajeta (Churros with Mexican caramel sauce)

Mexico´s Delights Class ($168 USD Per person + Tax = $195 USD)

Enjoy a class full of flavors, and learn the best techniques.
This class covers our Mexico´s delights:

1. Flautas de pollo (Chicken flautas)
2. Pozole rojo (Red corn pozole with pork)
3. Salpicon de res (Beef salpicon)
4. Sopecitos (Traditional sopes)
5. Tamales verdes (Green sauce tamales)
6. Arroz con leche (Mexican rice pudding)

*All of our dishes are mild in consideration to our customers. Sauces can be added to make it as spicy as you wish. Still, keep in mind that some of our dishes can´t be mild, and could be a little hard on your stomach.

**Keep in mind that this is not only a cooking school but a workshop too, so there is room for fusion and creativity. We will be able to explore and create new things too.

***We have designed our classes carefully so you can leave with the knowledge of our food and country, though if you would really like to have a specific menu or have a private class, we are always open to suggestions and to share with you a richer program. Just contact us and we will work something out.

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