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Planning your trip to Riviera Maya?
Plan it around a class at your own cooking school where expert Chefs will teach you how to use the best Mexican ingredients and techniques.

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Welcome to
Mexico Lindo Cooking

Mexico Lindo Cooking is the consolidation of a dream for sharing the flavors and culture of our country. Mexico Lindo Cooking is a culinary experience of a lifetime.

In Mexico… to talk about food is to talk about, love, traditions, culture and heritage.

To travel in time and discover our richness through all our senses…

To smell our history in an evening with a café de la olla (mexican coffee)…

To taste our land using alchemy and turning chocolate and chiles into mole…

To feel the warmness of our people in a terrace with the “sobremesa” (after-meal)…

To listen to the song of the birds in the middle of the jungle mixed with the chant of the trees…

Spend an amazing day full of stories, learning our ancient culture through one most important gastronomies in the world.

Enjoy our flavors, learn our traditions and prepare a real gourmet Mexican feast along with our world class chefs, then enjoy a great food tasting and discover why in 2010, UNESCO gave the tittle to our Mexican Kitchen of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind (the only gastronomy that has ever received that honor).

Whether a foodie, a gourmand or a professional Chef, if you love Cooking and learning about cultures… we promise you that Mexico Lindo Cooking will fulfill all your expectations and will get you the best of our Country.

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mexico lindo

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